High Heel Shoes Make Women Feel Sexy

Wearing high heel shoes can no doubt make a woman look and feel sexier. These shoes have been around for so long, but they have never, ever fell out of style. If you are a man, then there’s no doubt that you love these shoes. Not for wearing of course, but for seeing your ladies wear it. If you are a woman, though, then there’s no doubt that you don’t love high heel shoes as much as men do. Although we love to look sexy, wearing these shoes for a long time can be such a pain. Since they make you put your weight in the front, the toes and calf muscles can get sore from carrying all the weight.

Wearing high heel shoes, especially the stiletto type can no doubt add a sense of taste and style for your outfit, but remember to be extra careful when doing so. These types of shoes are not recommended for slippery floors as well as any soft grounds. Wearing these shoes in such places can be dangerous, as you can’t keep your balance very well. Although high heel shoes make a woman taller, this also means that falling while wearing them can hurt more. You might also have a problem standing up once you’ve fallen, since these shoes are not very stable.

If you know that you’ll have to run around or be in a hurry at some point in a day, then remember never to wear these shoes. If you’ve ever tried running around in a tiptoe, then you understand what I meant. Wearing these shoes for running around are not only extremely uncomfortable, they will make you go slow as well. You can never make big strides when wearing high heel shoes, so there’s no sense running around in them.

Wearing high heels makes you push out your chest and push your buttocks backward, which makes you have a very good posture. This is very sexy to look in a woman, although you have to be careful if this is not your natural posture. Keeping your back this way for several hours may eventually lead to strain, which could hurt your back. They could also hurt your leg, since they will be carrying all the weight.

Since high heel shoes can be extremely uncomfortable, I suggest that you only use your stilettos for formal occasions. Since you might be staying in the venue for several hours, you might do well to bring an extra pair of low-heeled shoes. You can opt to wear them once you sit down or when you go dancing. Just remember to bring shoes that are of almost the same color, so guests won’t realize that you have already changed into something more comfortable.