Understanding Sexy Shoes

Women’s shoes can be incredibly confusing for men. Whilst we love to see a woman in sexy shoes and particularly high heeled shoes, the jargon associated with them is incredibly confusing. Oh and yes OK sometimes we do actually like to wear high heels ourselves but that’s another subject for a completely different conversation!

So let’s try and get to the bottom of this foreign language that you ladies seem to use to describe your footwear.

1. Stiletto Heels. The word stiletto is actually used to describe a sharp pointed dagger which has been used for centuries to actually inflict harm on others. So when we apply this to a pair of shoes, you can see with just a little imagination how this word came to be used to describe a very sexy piece of footwear (shoes or boots) which have a sharp pointed heel.

2. Kitten Heels. ‘Stiletto Heels’ typically start around 1″ high and can be anything up to 10″ high, depending upon your powers of balance. If a ‘Stiletto Heel’ is less than 2″ high it is usually referred to as a ‘Kitten Heel’.

3. Court Shoes & Pumps. In the USA they call them ‘Pumps’ whilst in the UK we call them ‘Court Shoes’ it’s exactly the same shoe. This is a relatively low heel, with a cut front and importantly without a front fastening. However on occasions a ‘Court Shoe’ may have an ankle strap. Due to their comfort, ease of wearing and practicality, Court Shoes are usually worn by cross dressers and transvestites.

4. Mules. Originally a French word, ‘Mules’ are shoes with an open back and usually a closed toe. Although sometimes there can be a small opening at the toe. ‘Mules’ tend not to have very high heels as they are an everyday shoe rather than one worn for special occasions.

5. Platform Shoes. Whilst they came to prominence in the Glam Rock era of the 70’s ‘Platform Shoes’ have been around for centuries. They are shoes or boots with thick soles and sometimes heels as well. Platform heels generally start at around 4″ thick and once again can be as thick as your powers of balance allow.

The platform tends to be made of wood, plastic, rubber or cork.

Platform shoes were initially worn simply to increase the height of the wearer but nowadays they are worn purely as a fashion statement.

So there we have it, a brief introduction to the wonderful world of sexy shoes!